Short stories

"Ravi S. and the Tiger" - The Magnolia Review
"No Honor in this Venture" - Front Porch Review
"Turing Test" - Amarillo Bay
"Ice Cores" - Runner up - Dorothy Scarborough Fiction Contest
"Beni's Sweater"- Scholarship recipient to New York Summer Writer's Institute

ARTICLES & Features

"Artist of the Week Column" -, 12 features
"Freelance PG Guide Contributor" - Axis, 3 features


Best & Niche Marketing Blog - weekly posts
"Fighting the Loneliness of Graduation Paralysis" - Boundless Blog
"How to Freelance Without Being Selfish" - Boundless Blog
"Understanding Millennial Brand Loyalty to Foster Long-term Commitment to Ministry" - ECL Blog


"Interview with TJ Neathery" - Magnolia Review
"Blogging for Small Businesses" - 808 Marketing Blog

Editorial & Misc.

Blog Manager - Pasha Law LLC
Alpha Participant - Alpha, 3 Courses
Post Coordinator for Fall 2018 Core Questions Series - Anselm Society
Managing Editor, Engage Magazine & ECL Blog
Fiction Reader, 45th Parallel Magazine, 2015-2017 
Live Reading, Oregon State MFA Reading Series
"All the Living and the Dead" Finalist - Black Glasses Film Script Competition

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