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TJ Neathery writes a unique style of fiction – one part realism and one part absurdity. In his writing, he explores identity as it relates to music, family, religion, and addiction. Even in his daily life, he works to create spaces in which people from different backgrounds and experiences can have meaningful conversations. Like real-life people talking to each other. Crazy.


He lives in Colorado Springs where he writes, snowboards, and dreams about the day his local coffee shop releases a 16 oz cortado. He also owns his own digital marketing agency, Best & Niche Marketing, where he gets to help amazing people grow their niche businesses. Email him about Townes Van Zandt.


As for writing credits, TJ received his MFA in fiction from Oregon State University. He’s got short stories placed in The Magnolia Review, Amarillo Bay, and Front Porch Review. Plus, he occasionally freelances for blogs and magazines like

Short Stories


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Short stories

"Ravi S. and the Tiger" - The Magnolia Review
"No Honor in this Venture" - Front Porch Review
"Turing Test" - Amarillo Bay
"Ice Cores" - Runner up - Dorothy Scarborough Fiction Contest
"Beni's Sweater"- Scholarship recipient to New York Summer Writer's Institute

ARTICLES & Features

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"Artist of the Week Column" -, 12 features
"Freelance PG Guide Contributor" - Axis, 3 features


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Best & Niche Marketing Blog - weekly posts
"Fighting the Loneliness of Graduation Paralysis" - Boundless Blog
"How to Freelance Without Being Selfish" - Boundless Blog
"Understanding Millennial Brand Loyalty to Foster Long-term Commitment to Ministry" - ECL Blog


Editorial & Misc.

Blog Manager - Pasha Law LLC
Alpha Participant - Alpha, 3 Courses
Post Coordinator for Fall 2018 Core Questions Series - Anselm Society
Managing Editor, Engage Magazine & ECL Blog
Fiction Reader, 45th Parallel Magazine, 2015-2017 
Live Reading, Oregon State MFA Reading Series
"All the Living and the Dead" Finalist - Black Glasses Film Script Competition
Blog Posts
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